I’m Lora, the face behind Live Boldly Photography. I’m thrilled that you’re here!

I have always loved taking photos, and after many years in the corporate world, I finally decided to take the leap and start my own full-time photography business. I’m incredibly fortunate to be living a life where my love and passion for photography can take the lead and be part of every single day.

After trying tons of different kinds of photography, from weddings to couples to families, I found that my heart was leading me in a slightly different direction. I completed a lot of training for brand photography, which is a section of commercial photography, and I learned SO MUCH while also falling in love with it. I make it my mission to continue learning and growing as much as I can about brand photography so that I can stay on top of my game and give my clients the best possible experiences that they will remember for years to come.

My home life is centered around my husband, our kids, and our dogs. My husband, Charlie, and I have a blended family made up of his three girls and my two kids, a boy and a girl. All of our kids are now grown up and living their unique, beautiful adult lives. My Siberian Husky and longtime best friend, Nikko, passed away last year, but luckily our Alaskan Malamute Bella Luna has been wonderful at helping heal my heart.

Fun facts

I’m a dedicated long-time figure skating coach for the USFSA.

I’m absolutely addicted to practicing Pilates using a Reformer, and I do it at least 3-4 times per week.

Speaking of addictions, can we talk about my obsession with shopping? Shoes, Lululemon, Vuori, and ALO are my weaknesses.

Growing up, I lived in California and Michigan. Nowadays, I just love to travel anywhere and everywhere.