My vision is to ensure that each of my clients receives brand photography that feels entirely personalized and vibrant, and that tells the story of their brand in an authentic way.

my process


You get inspired to revitalize your brand, so you send me a message either on social media or via my contact form. You’ll hear back from me ASAP to set up a video chat or meet up in person to talk about your vision.


We get you booked! You’ll need to pay a retainer fee, and then we can officially schedule your photoshoot. Then, you’ll take a minute to celebrate and have a mini dance party because you made the decision to reinvigorate your brand!


I’ll send you a detailed questionnaire to get some information from you about your brand, your services, and your goals. I’ll also do my own research on the services you offer so that I can send you a creative brief for your shoot that is as detail-oriented and descriptive as possible.


Here comes the fun part: creative planning and details! We will collaborate and go over your creative brief and any inspirational Pinterest ideas you have before deciding on the final brief. We will also talk location, location, location! Most clients will choose to do their shoots in a variety of locations to get as many different vibes as possible in their photos.


I will schedule anything and everything that needs to be scheduled, from hair and makeup to special locations to a list of potential shots. Then, about 2-3 weeks before the shoot is scheduled, you will need to sign off on all details and final payments. The entirety of the cost of the photoshoot must be paid before the day of the shoot!


The day has finally arrived: photoshoot time! You wake up. You get glammed up. You pose for some stunning photos. You have an exciting, inspiring, and invigorating day. And after the shoot, you get sneak peeks of your photos!


I will need between 1-2 weeks to edit all of your photos, and then I will send you your gallery! I’ll also be sure to send you a thank-you via email, as well as a gift for choosing to work with me. Then, all you have to do is enjoy your new brand photos and get ready for the success they will help to bring you in the near future. Cheers to you!

You need brand photography if:

If you would like to make a true impact with your clients.

If you have been using the infamous “cell phone selfies” for your brand.

If you are ready to elevate your level of success.

If you are ready to “get after it”!